Fashion accessories from recycled plastics

A new film is available about Initiatives de Développement Stratégique (IDS), supported by Foundation Veolia. This ONG supplies collecting and weaving equipment and training in sales management for the employees of a social and solidarity enterprise in Burkina Faso, PagaBags, which creates fabrics from plastic bags salvaged from household refuse.

Initiatives de Développement Stratégique (IDS) is an NGO in solidarity and international cooperation. In 2011, at Bobo Dioulasso (western Burkina Faso), IDS identified a nonprofit that manufactured loincloths from recycled plastic bags. Having worked for many years in Ouagadougou on household refuse management, IDS wanted to transpose this recycling experience in cooperation with the garbage collectors, weavers and seamstresses in an outlying district of the capital. The idea excited the local craftsmen who create fabrics from recycled plastics. They decided to join the project, which was launched in 2012.

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