Veolia Foundation supplies drinking water to a refugee camp in Mosul, Iraq

The Veolia Foundation is helping the French Red Cross and the Qatari and Iraqi Red Crescent organizations to supply potable water to the Khazer 2 camp, 30 km east of Mosul in Iraq. The refugee camp houses 2,500 families, which is around 30,000 people.

Humanitarian & Development


December 2016

Assignment type:
Operational support
Installation of emergency equipment

Over the last few weeks, the Veoliaforce volunteers have been lending a hand to provide a drinking water supply to the Khazar 2 refugee camp. The team has installed an “M40” unit in order to treat the water from the river bordering the camp. It purifies 200 m3 / day of untreated water by coagulation-flocculation, followed by decantation and disinfection with chlorine. Ultimately, the production capacity will reach 300 m3 / day. Once treated, the water is stored in two 95 m3 tanks and then transported every day by tanker trucks to the small tanks with rows of taps that are located in various places throughout the camp.