Supplying water for a mobile health center

In the Homa Bay district in Kenya, the partnership established by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) with the Veolia Foundation has found a new trial initiative to support.

Humanitarian and Development

Homa Bay (Kenya)

April 2015

Main Partner
Médecins sans Frontières (MSF)

In this region in West Kenya, where MSF is implementing a program to fight HIV, two Veoliaforce volunteers intervened to train MSF personnel in assembly and operation of an Aquaforce 500 unit. This mobile water treatment unit developed with the help of Veolia researchers will be used to supply the water required by the mobile health center that the NGO will be operating for at least two years.


By way of reminder, under the partnership agreement formalized in March, the Foundation has agreed to make its Veoliaforce experts available to support MSF research and innovation initiatives around issues touching on its actions in the field and related to Veolia's business activities: energy, waste, sanitation and potable water.



Research/Innovation in the humanitarian area and a pilot experiment in solar electrification.
Installation de panneaux photovoltaïques pour rendre autonome et sécuriser la mission de Moissala, au Tchad.

Domain: Humanitarian & Development
Country: Chad
Dotation: 2014/10/17
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