The Veolia foundation's Veoliaforce volunteers

A volunteer is an employee ready to go to the four corners of the world to put his or her experience and skills at the service of others.

A Veoliaforce volunteer is a Veolia employee who, during his or her working hours, goes on a mission on behalf of the Veolia Foundation. Previously trained in humanitarian emergencies and the use of intervention equipment designed by the Foundation, they can be in the field for several weeks or provide their expertise remotely. They leave at the request of international humanitarian organizations after a disaster or to improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged on a long-term basis. They provide expertise in one of the Group's core businesses: Water, Energy, Waste;

The Foundation coordinates and pays for logistics and travel expenses; Veoliaforce volunteers continue to be paid as if they were working in their usual jobs.

Become a Veoliaforce volunteer?

Veolia employees can apply to become Veoliaforce volunteers of the Veolia Foundation by following this link (access reserved for Veolia employees):

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