Fondation Veolia

5 minutes to understand the Veolia Foundation which supports community-oriented, nonprofit projects contributing to sustainable development, in France and abroad.
Skills Sponsorship
Marie Gaveriaux went on a mission to Ukraine with the NGO Solidarités International. This seasoned Veoliaforce volunteer talks about her experience.
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A laboratory boat on the Saône and Rhône, a second-hand sportswear shop, a better protected Mé river... Discover the winning projects of the Student Solidarity Awards.
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Find out about the projects supported and the expert missions carried out around the world by the Veolia Foundation in 2022.
Since the beginning of the conflict in Eastern Europe, the Veolia Foundation has been mobilized with its partners to support refugee populations.
A range of mobile water treatment units designed for emergency use. From field people to field people...
Since its creation in 2004, the Foundation has helped more than 1,500 projects and carried out nearly 200 skills missions. Find the project leaders and the countries where the projects are taking place.
Veolia current employees are the lynchpin of the Foundation, which relies on their voluntary commitment to serve people in need.
An employee of the Veolia Group, the sponsor is the link between the partner with a project and the Foundation.
Skills Sponsorship
A volunteer is an employee ready to go to the four corners of the world to put his or her experience and skills at the service of others.