Advocacy to sustainably reduce the incidence of cholera

Since 2007, the Congolese Ministry of Public Health, Congolese and French epidemiologists and the Veolia Foundation have been working together to develop an integrated approach for fighting cholera.


An alliance for action

Chaired by Dr. Ibrahim Assane Mayaki and coordinated by the Veolia Foundation acting as its secretariat, the Alliance brings together numerous experts (researchers, doctors, NGOs, etc.) It operates through regular exchanges between members of its Advisory Council and by formulating concrete strategies.
The Global Alliance Against Cholera aims to:

  • develop and refine the integrated approach for combating cholera that combines epidemiology and water, sanitation and hygiene in the DRC
  • replicate and implement this strategy in other parts of the world where cholera exists by systematically involving the relevant national authorities
  • raise funds from international donors and public authorities to support programs for fighting cholera.

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