Ecological corridors and micro-habitats to conserve the biodiversity

To create an environment propitious to biodiversity which takes account of the stresses created by human activities, the Alsace delegation of the Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux is developing twelve mini-projects on the scale of agricultural, viticultural and composite farms, as well as communes and communities of communes. With the determination to turn the managers of the space into stakeholders in the transformation or conservation of the sites.

Environment and Biodiversity

Alsace, France

Serge Folegnani

20 000 € to the Selection Committee at 2009/03/31

Project leader

Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux - Alsace

« Urban sprawl and intensive farming have shrunk the natural spaces favorable to biodiversity.With four main levels of impact, known to all.
These concern soil leaching, more floods and the inability of the soil to absorb the rainfall; the upsetting of the natural ecosystem balances, causing ecological impoverishment; the reduction of the genetic diversity of species and environment; and impacts on health.
Biodiversity conservation must be seen as a natural duty. »

Serge Folegnani

A "conservation of the orchards and the associated biodiversity" program, initiated in 2000, and lasting three years in three contiguous countries - France, Germany, Switzerland - has permitted the renaturation of several private plots in order to conserve the habitat of certain bird species.
This success required the involvement of all the stakeholders concerned. Armed with this experience, rewarded with the National Geographic Channel's First Prize, LPO Alsace wants today to intensify its effort to familiarize the public with the protection and safeguarding of birds and the environments on which they depend.
To do this, it is developing a project to install ecological corridors (green screens) in the region, reproducible and exemplary, at the scale of agricultural farms, communal banns and communities of communes. This is a long-term project slated to unfold over a period of four years.

Enlisting all the stakeholders in conservation

The ambition of LPO Alsace is generally to empower all the stakeholders as players in biodiversity, through analysis, familiarization, consultation and action.
The project is therefore constructed around three objectives. In an area located on a major migratory route, the idea is to create connected natural spaces enabling the birds to cross the barriers posed by human activities, to find refuge and food during their travels.
The association wants to create a network of exchanges and expertise between specialist and local players. The project is also naturally aimed to familiarize the general public with the ecological problems and possible solutions.

When asked by the LPO, Veolia foundation decided to back this project, which could shortly spread beyond the borders of Alsace and secure a European dimension, initially with an extension to other regions of France, and then to the bordering countries.
Because a long and unbroken "green corridor" would in effect guarantee a rich and diversified biodiversity.