Expanding the Campus to accommodate and train 4,000 young people

The Sport dans la Ville Campus in Lyon is a fast growing sports and educational complex where 2,500 young people come to train. France's leading nonprofit for integration through sports, Sport dans la Ville wants to boost the capacity of its Campus to accommodate another 1,500 youths.

Social and Employment

Lyon (9th district), France

Philippe Yvon

€ 100,000 to the Board of Administration at 2012/03/26

Project leader

Sport dans la ville

Sport dans la Ville was created in 1998 to promote the social and professional integration of young people from difficult neighborhoods through sports centers, and its job training and counseling programs. The nonprofit already has 21 facilities in the Rhone-Alps region, and one at Sarcelles, in the Ile de France area. 3 000 youths aged from 7 to 20 practice sports there regularly and free of charge, and participate in educational projects. One example is "Apprenti' Bus", a traveling workshop for reading and writing for the preadolescents of the vulnerable districts of the Lyon urban area, partly funded by the Foundation. In addition to this financial support, Veolia Water and Sport dans la Ville have forged close links by sponsorship, and also by hiring many young sports enthusiasts presented by the nonprofit, as meter readers.

4 football fields, 2 basketball courts and 20 young company creators

In 2005, the Veolia Foundation participated in developing the Campus in the 9th district of Lyon. Today, the Campus, the headquarters of Sport dans la Ville, is an important place for development and job counseling and training for all the young members of the nonprofit. They can train on 4 football fields and 2 basketball courts. The Campus also has conference rooms, training rooms and, since 2010, a corporate "nursery" that accommodates 20 young creators.

To welcome a larger number of young people, Sport dans la Ville wants to expand its Campus. The City of Lyon has provided the nonprofit with a 2.5 hectare municipal stadium adjoining the present Campus area. The complete renovation of this stadium and its integration will help accommodate 4,000 young persons. The nonprofit will then have 4 new sports fields, a running track, a space for activities reserved for young girls, as well as additional training rooms and offices.

To enrich the workforce development activity of Sport dans la Ville by intensifying the knowledge of the enterprise, it is also planned to organize meetings between the young people of the nonprofit and Veolia employees.

Domain: Social and employment
Country: France
Endowment: 31/03/2009

Development of school support for children of disadvantaged neighborhoods based on a travelling bus, equipped with educational materials.

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Domain: Environment and Biodiversity
Country: France
Endowment: 05/07/2005

Participation in development of a social integration through sport project.

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