Extension of the water distribution network to public places

Two primary schools, a secondary school and a dispensary need to be equipped with water points so that schoolchildren and patients in Galgouli, in southern Burkina Faso, have access to drinking water.

Humanitarian & development

Galgouli (Burkina Faso)

Helman Le Pas de Sécheval

€15,000 at the selection committee meeting on 27 March 2019

Project Owner

Burkin' Ardenn' Avenir' (B'A'A')

« This project is being led by an association that has been working in Burkina Faso for a long time. Its members visit the site several times a year. They have a very good knowledge of the local context and have developed strong relationships with the people and the authorities in the village. » Helman Le Pas de Sécheval

Created in 2016, Burkin' Ardenn' Avenir' (B'A'A') is an Ardennes-based humanitarian association. It works in Burkina Faso in the village of Galgouli (Poni province). The initiative was born from the meeting and the determination of two people: Yacouba Barry, deputy headmaster of the high school, a Burkinabé from Galgouli, and Claude Roquier, a retired bank executive wanting to offer his assistance in the humanitarian field and in particular in Burkina Faso.
A sister association, Burkin' Ardenn' Avenir' (B'A'A') Avenir, was created in Galgouli in southern Burkina Faso to set priorities and organize the projects. B'A'A' officiates in the fields of water (construction of wells and boreholes), health (supply of equipment, training, nursing internships), education (reception facilities, school supplies, cultural exchanges), agriculture (project implementation, financing equipment, training) and the economy (development and business creation assistance).
Although Galgouli is relatively well equipped in terms of the number of boreholes with manual pumps, the water distribution network could be improved. This is the purpose of the project being supported by the Veolia Foundation: it focuses on equipping public places: maternity services and dispensaries, primary schools and the secondary school. The works planned include equipping three water points with solar pumps and overhauling the distribution network with completion scheduled for the first quarter of 2021. The village’s water management committee will be responsible for setting up a management system for paid water collection. It will be assisted by the heads of the various public institutions.
The goal is to take access to drinking water up a level for people living in Galgouli.