A garden to play and dream in the suburb of Leipzig

How can one stop the boredom of children and teen agers when they have no attractive place to gather ? Near Leipzig, a parents’association has created a dream garden for these youngsters.

Environment and Biodiversity

Project leader


Zweenfurth, Germany

Alexander Redeker

8 000 € to the Selection Committee at 2007/01/31

« The village will benefit from this project for many reasons : it creates links between the people in the community, it encourages families, it is good for the children and it is good for the reputation of the community. »
Alexander Redeker

In the suburb of Leipzig, the Zweenfurth village (which belongs to the Borsdorf commune) welcome many families with their children of all ages.
Untill now, they did not have a proper playing ground for those children. No place to play, walk around or meet friends and be safe at the same time.

In 2005, 50 parents who were deploring this situation, created an association. Spiel(t)raum ( a play on words : both dream and game) started building its garden in October 2006.

Various spaces for various taste

Enchanted by the project, the Borsdorf community gave the association a 5 000 m2 piece of land, set right in the center of Zweenfurth. A few installlations are expected to be built : a tree house, a small riding train, a basket yard, a hill with slides, sand yards for the youngest as well as water games.

Family, friends and some local companies decided to help built this dream park.
The tree house is being built by a professional carpenter helped by approximately ten teenage volunteers. This experience will provide them with a first job and give them professional skills.

The Veolia Foundation has been contacted to help finance the various equipment required for the water games. Thanks to the support, youngsters will be able to have a good time in the summer 2007.