For inclusive and supportive Toulouse-based companies

The association A.S.E.E.I Agir, Soigner, Eduquer, Inclure contributes to the "Supported Employment" scheme deployed by the state in the Midi-Pyrénées region. It promotes access for people with disabilities to the world of business.

Social & Employment

Toulouse (Pays)

Pierre Dissaux

€10 000 during the Committee meeting of 27/03/2019

Project Owner

A.S.E.I (Agir, Soigner, Eduquer, Inclure)

Created shortly after the Second World War, ASEI (Agir, Soigner, Eduquer, Inclure) made disability its focus. It manages specialist reception centres and carries out actions to promote the integration of people with disabilities in schools and workplaces depending on their age.
ASEI is particularly committed to "Supported Employment". This integration strategy, led by the regional health agencies, consists of encouraging the integration of people with disabilities into the world of business. The mechanism is threefold focusing on the worker, the employer and a third party organisation that provides a "Supported Employment Representative". This key figure is the interlocutor who understands the company's business and its constraints and so is able to help it overcome them and integrate more people with disabilities.
A candidate for this particular role of Supported Employment Representative, ASEI benefits from the support of the Veolia Foundation in bringing its expertise to professionals in the Midi-Pyrénées area.