Integration via the Upkeep of Forests and Rivers

After the maintenance of gardens, Atout Environnement is addressing the forests and rivers. This new economic activity will boost the ranks of the beneficiaries of this workforce development agency.

Since its creation in 1993, Atout Environnement has been working for the professional integration of persons in difficulty. After having developed the maintenance of gardens, the company is developing a new market: forests and rivers. But this economic growth relay demands large investments.

A Three-Year Development Project

In five years, the Atout Environnement workforce has grown from 16 to 24 persons, and its business has grown 40%. Its land development services, park and garden maintenance and bush clearing operations have enabled it to sustain this growth rate. To extend the workforce development effort already underway, Atout Environnement plans to develop a new activity, around forests and rivers, with the defense of the forests against fire, the upkeep of banks and tourist trails, the installation of signage, etc. The investment program necessitated by this new development concerns the purchase of technical vehicles, including a forest tractor. Beside the Regional and General Councils, the Veolia foundation is financing these purchases with a 15 000 € grant.