Mobilization to restore water purity

In some places with abundant water supply, water can still pose real public health and development problems. In Basse-Casamance, where the water is too saline, a Belgian commune decided to invest alongside a "twin" local authority with the help of a specialized NGO and the Veolia foundation.

Humanitarian and Development


Diembering, Casamance., Senegal

Franck Mathys

30,000 euro to the Selection Committee at 2006/05/23

  Project leader Enda Tiers-Monde

«  This project relies on the acknowledged competence of Enda Tiers-Monde, an NGO recognized for many decades already for its work in sustainable development.  »

Franck Mathys

Villagers in the rural commune of Diembering in Basse-Casamance (approximately 10,000 inhabitants living in 21 villages) are confronted with quite difficult living conditions. This is leading to significant rural flight, particularly amongst young people, who leave to seek better living conditions elsewhere. One of the recurring problems for this population is water quality. Although water is abundant in this region of Senegal, it is very saline, and therefore unfit for consumption and for irrigating certain crops.

Decentralized cooperation between Europe and Senegal

After a number of studies carried out in the field in collaboration with Veoliaforce, the Senegalese NGO Enda Tiers-Monde decided to adopt a project consisting of rehabilitating two very defective old wells (in Cabrousse and Diembering) and digging three new wells in the hamlets of Le Cap, Boucott and Bouyouye. In conjunction, awareness-raising campaigns will be organized to help local people understand the importance of harvesting rainwater and regular disinfection of well water using bleach.