New horizons for textiles and for disadvantaged people

Trio works with textile recycling and the disadvantaged. Its goal is to provide work for the underprivileged to help them return to professional and social life. A long-term task run by a socio-professional assistant.

Social and Employment

France, Niort, France

Luc Girard

30,000 € to the Selection Committee at 2004/11/30

Project leader

TRIO (Textile recyclage initiatives de l'ouest)

« A great integration project run through a partnership that the Foundation already knows with the Evira project. It is reinforced through the reliability of Emmaüs, a respected, well-established association. »

Luc Girard

Collecting, sorting, and recycling: Trio, an off-shoot of the Evira association (Emmaüs vêtements Rhône-Alpes—Emmaüs clothing Rhône-Alpes region), which the Foundation already supports, was created with the objective of encouraging the social and professional integration of the disadvantaged, 80% of whom are women. Here, income support recipients, long-term job seekers, and the handicapped get a second chance. They regain confidence in themselves and get jobs. At the end of their CDDI two-year fixed-term integration with Trio, they receive the assistance of a socio-professional assistant who helps them find new lasting employment or complementary training.

Twenty new jobs created

All operations take place within the 2,800 m2 warehouse and the 50 m2 boutique. Collection, sorting and sales are done in partnership with fourteen Emmaüs communities and two friends of Emmaüs committees which provides them with used textiles. The Veolia foundation donated 30,000 euros to help obtain the necessary equipment: a baling press, a lift truck, etc. Trio hopes to create twenty new jobs through this activity.