Discover the Veolia Foundation 2023 Annual Report

Where else can you read Antoine Frérot, Chairman of Veolia and President of the Veolia Foundation, urging us to "stand at the forefront of solidarity and hope"?

Where can you read Thierry Vandevelde and David Poinard discussing the best options for "healing contemporary imbalances and thinking about tomorrow's world"?

Where do we go from Ukraine to Cambodia, via Morocco, Turkey, Libya, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Niger, Senegal, France, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Benin and Costa Rica?

Where are we talking about access to water, humanitarian aid, the ecological footprint, integration through work, literature, social innovation, aquaculture, world cuisine, alkalinisation, mentoring, sustainable health, water kiosks, cholera and resilience?

Where are we celebrating the commitment of employees, public-private partnerships, student initiatives and environmentally-oriented authors?

28 projects supported

More than 300 days of skills sponsorship

4 authors awarded the 2023 Environment Book Prize

3 student associations awarded the 2023 Student Solidarity Prize

More than 40 professionals at the 2nd WASH 2023 Humanitarian Workshops (water and sanitation)

38 Veoliaforce sponsors and volunteers