New Veoliaforce volunteers trained to go on mission

For three days, Group volunteers were trained in emergency response techniques and equipment to access essential services.

They are electromechanics, operations managers, drinking water plant operators, site managers, design and project engineers, maintenance managers, heritage managers, territory managers, plumbers, executive assistants... Nearly thirty Veoliaforce volunteers have been trained for three days to take part in emergency humanitarian missions or development projects supported by the Veolia Foundation.

Objectives: to become familiar with water chemistry and treatment, the assembly of latrines, the deployment of mobile water purification units (Aquaforces)... And discover the humanitarian sector thanks to the presence of representatives of the NGOs Médecins Sans Frontières and Solidarités International. The workshops provided an opportunity to talk about the environment and the players in the humanitarian sector, the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) strategies of the NGOs and the innovative work and missions carried out in the field by Veoliaforce volunteers. There were also simulation sessions with the deployment of Aquaforces 2,000 and 15,000.

The Foundation is very active in the training of humanitarian personnel. A few days after these three days organized in Mayenne, the Foundation's expertise was sought by Bioforce, the French leader in training in the humanitarian sector, for a workshop on waste management. And at the end of June, an expert from the Foundation and a Veoliaforce volunteer took part in a training course in Switzerland with the Austrian Red Cross and the Swiss Cooperation (SDC) on the analysis of faecal sludge.

The Veolia Foundation's commitment to anchoring access to essential services and innovation in the humanitarian landscape is undeniable.

Training & innovation

Familiarizing oneself with the equipment designed by the Veolia Foundation means discovering innovation in humanitarian aid and access to essential services. For example, the Aquaforces, which are becoming a benchmark for access to drinking water, will gradually be equipped with a Vistaforce solution for remote monitoring of water production. The range is also being extended to desalination with the Aquaforce RO, the latest in a series of mobile water treatment units designed by the Foundation.