Highlight Project: Lulu dans ma rue

DIY, sewing, cooking, computer assistance or help with administrative formalities – all talents are welcomed.  All that's needed is the status of self-employed entrepreneur – and, of course, the desire to provide a service and a liking for human contact.

Lulu dans ma rue

A neighborhood concierge service

Launched in the 4th arrondissement of Paris,  "Lulu dans ma rue" is an innovative initiative that combines a kiosk in the street and a web platform. In this way, it offers two points of contact – physical and virtual – between people looking for a service and people who have the time and skills to provide it.

The benefits:

  • LCombat exclusion on a sustainable basis
  • Improve quality of life for city-dwellers and offer a source of additional income
  • Regenerate social links in the neighborhood

April 8, 2015: the first kiosk opened in Paris's 4th arrondissement

In one month:
311 orders received and 225 services provided
3,600 visits to the kiosk and 10,000 visitors on the website