Qualification-based training courses in step with market requirements

In Yerevan in Armenia the former Franco-Armenian vocational training school has set up two new courses. This involves training for plumbers-pipelayers and meter readers.

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Christian Lefaix

€50,000 at the 10/4/18 Selection Committee.

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Franco-Armenian vocational training centre foundation

In 1995, the French and Armenian governments signed a cultural, scientific and technical cooperation agreement. CEPFA (Franco-Armenian vocational training centre) was created seven years later on the initiative of local councils from the Rhône-Alpes region of France and SEPR (Rhone Vocational Training Society) with the support of the French embassy in Armenia. The centre is based in the country's capital Yerevan and has followed on from the Franco-Armenian vocational college.
As a key partner, SEPR provides CEPFA with educational support, specialised advice and exchanges of skills, and helps develop learning. CEPFA has set itself the goal of training the professionals of the future in line with the requirements of the business world. The centre offers a dynamic teaching method combining practical work, technology, general studies and foreign languages.

346 plumbers-pipelayers and 527 meter readers

In 2018, CEPFA decided to create two new vocational training courses designed for both young people in education and adults requiring ongoing training, with training pathways adapted to each group. Classes will bring together 20 students so that 346 plumbers-pipelayers and 527 meter readers can be trained.
The former will learn to install drinking water and sanitation systems, undertake roadway opening, backfilling and restoration work, repair system connections, install cold water meters, check water quality etc. The apprentices will also attend general studies classes.
The latter will learn about water and sanitation service regulations and how water, wastewater and rainwater collection networks function. They will also learn to identify the various component parts of a network and their respective roles (catchment, pipes and accessories, balancing reservoirs, pumps etc). Other areas to be studied will be water quality and monitoring it on a day-to-day basis, and customer service.

Training designed to suit companies' needs

CEPFA has joined forces with Veolia Djur, Veolia's Armenian subsidiary, and Veolia Campus, to create these two new courses with the support of the Veolia Foundation. The courses meet market needs: students are therefore well equipped to find a job following a few months of learning.