Refurbishment of Antananarivo Children’s Hospital

Professor Noeline Ravelomanana, Director of the Antananarivo Pediatric Hospital, has instigated a campaign for the complete refurbishment of her hospital. Shocked by the state of the hospital and the children, Cyril Juge, Consul of Monaco in Madagascar, decided to support her and help find the necessary funds.

Social and Employment

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Thierry Witckowitz

40,000 € to the Selection Committee at 2006/03/28
  Project leader Tsaralalana Mothers & Children's Hospital

Tsaralalana Mother and Child Hospital, also referred to as the Children’s Hospital, is one of two public pediatric hospitals in Antananarivo. Each year, it treats two thousand sick children, and provides around ten thousand consultations. It plays an essential role that spans births to surgery, along with vaccination campaigns.
Housed in a building built 78 years ago, the hospital has become particularly run-down and cramped. Its state is so deplorable that it can no longer provide the necessary sanitary conditions required for hospitalized children. Everything needs to be redone in the hospital: joinery, electricity, paintwork, glazing, bathrooms and sanitation. The Director also intends to carry out earthworks to extend the dispensary, add seven offices, a new sanitary block, and a guard’s shelter.
The quotation for the refurbishment of the sanitary block, the hospital refit and extension work for the dispensary comes to a total of 85,000 euros.