Relieve the suffering of people with multiple traumas

La Maison des 4 vents, specializing in caring for people suffering from multiple traumas, can no longer cover the cost of replacing its medical equipment. A local outreach association helped it achieve its goals.

Social and Employment

Saint-Chamond, Loire (France)., France

Jean-Michel Moreau

16,000 € to the Selection Committee at 2006/01/31
  Project leader La maison des 4 vents

«  By enabling La Maison des 4 vents to replace its specialized equipment, we are not only helping patients suffering from multiple traumas, but also the dedicated people who work with them. For everyone involved, it means easier handling, and less stress and pain. »

Jean-Michel Moreau

La Maison des 4 vents, a hostel located in Saint-Chamond, Loire (France), has five institutions each specializing in medical care for patients suffering serious physical or motor handicaps, mainly as a result of road accidents. It also organizes events designed to help maintain a social link between the patients and with the outside world. In all, it has 81 patients whose level of dependence requires constant care.

The caregivers need to be particularly aware of the requirements of their patients suffering extensive moral and physical pain, as the latter are unable to undertake even the simplest routine tasks for themselves. In this type of institution, medical equipment is essential, both for the patients and the staff involved in their care and rehabilitation. However, at La Maison des 4 vents, the patient hoists used by the five institutions are well beyond their use-by dates.

A helping hand

With insufficient financial resources to cover the much-needed replacement of this equipment, La Maison des 4 vents contacted the Confédération syndicale des familles in Saint-Chamond, which had already provided it with assistance in applying for subsidies.
The 16,000 euros obtained from the Veolia foundation will enable the purchase of four new patient hoists. This equipment will help improve the patients' comfort and living conditions. Moving a patient suffering from multiple traumas is always a source of pain: the use of appropriate equipment lessens the pain, resulting in greatly improved patient-caregiver relations.