4 weeks in which to learn about ecological engineering

The next learning program organized by the Université Virtuelle Environnement & Développement Durable (Uved) will be held in October on the topic of ecological engineering. Registration is now open so you won’t miss anything of this Veolia Foundation supported training course.

Distance learning is nothing new. The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) concept is revolutionary. Online videos, quizzes, debates and assignments to be carried out individually or in groups, peer group assessments, etc. The scheme offers interactive training, which ensures better memorization. The Université Virtuelle Environnement & Développement Durable (Uved) regularly designs MOOCs covering environment and biodiversity topics. With the support of the Veolia Foundation ecological engineering will be the focus of the MOOC in October.

Over a period of four weeks, participants will learn about practices related to restoring, improving, and creating ecosystems. Issues related to the degradation and pollution of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems will also be studied through the intervention of recognized scientific experts from various disciplines and establishments. The scientific director of this ecological engineering MOOC is Luc Abbadie, Ecologist, Professor at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Director of the Bioemco laboratory / Institut d’Écologie and Sciences de l’Environnement de Paris (CNRS UPMC, IRD, INRA , UPEC, ENS). Registering couldn’t be simpler: the course is free and open to everyone.

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The Veolia Foundation, partnering Uved

This ecological engineering course benefits from the assistance of the Veolia Foundation which has already supported two other Uved MOOCs: the first on the theme of biodiversity (2014), the second on the causes and challenges of climate change (2015).