ADIE celebrates 30 years

A pioneering association and a major player in the French microcredit sector, the ADIE is celebrating its 30 th anniversary! With support from the Veolia Foundation for the past twelve years, this outstanding organization has successfully achieved its aim to bring together professional insertion and entrepreneurship.

L'Adie fête ses 30 ans

In France, two thirds of businesses are VSEs and over half of all entrepreneurs get started with under €8,000. The ADIE (Association for the Right to Business Initiatives) is highly familiar with the issue. Every year, it helps more than 16,000 people without a job or access to standard bank funding to launch their business. The objective is to create and develop lasting businesses that are rooted into the economic growth of their local area.

In 2018, with the help of the Veolia Foundation (its loyal partner since 2006), the ADIE is celebrating 30 years of activity. Over the past three decades, it has guided 150,000 people who were enabled to start a business, and so to create a job for themselves. None of the association’s 1,300 volunteers believe that lack of job security is something inevitable! One must accept to fall down and to get up again, and above all never to stay alone. Such is the leitmotiv of the team in charge of this ambitious project set out for the coming years.

Together with all of its partners, the ADIE intends to create 10,000 jobs over the next three years thanks to microcredit, a scheme in which the association has become a specialist. For the past 30 years, the ADIE has demonstrated, day in, day out, that entrepreneurship is an effective means towards professional insertion, as long as there is some funding available. It is now reasserting its determination to provide a different kind of business model striving towards a more egalitarian society.

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