Agreenium addresses innovation and sustainable development at the Milan 2015 Universal Exhibition

Agreenium, France's Agricultural, Veterinary and Forestry Institute, is present throughout the Milan Universal Exhibition.

From May 13 to October 21, thanks to the support of the Veolia Foundation, it offers a series of dynamic conferences lasting around 15 minutes and accessible to the general public to help them understand the major stakes of innovation and research in the fields of agriculture and food. The lecturers come from the biggest French research and training institutions in the field: universities, public research establishments, university-level schools and foundations.


Based on five themes (food, agriculture, climate change, the environment and health), these conferences aim to provide a snapshot of France's contribution to the world food industry, management and conservation of natural resources, new models of agriculture and food security, etc.

They will then be accessible on a YouTube channel and via a brochure interactive enriched throughout the duration of the exhibition to ensure broad dissemination of knowledge using practical and amusing tools.

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IAVFF takes over from Agreenium

IAVFF, France's Agricultural, Veterinary and Forestry Institute, is taking over the actions initiated by Agreenium. The primary mission of Ce nouvel institut is to enable its members to work together to formulate training and research strategies that they will then implement through shared projects. It coordinates a network dedicated to training teaching, educational and supervisory personnel in mainstream, technological and professional agricultural education that brings together the members of the Institute participating in these training modules. It also implements stronger mechanisms for cooperation to draw up a map of agricultural training programs and coordinate teaching and research in the field of veterinary science.


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