Cameroon: a sewer vacuum truck to boost sanitation in Bangangté

The sanitation project which was launched in 2013 in Bangangté in Western Cameroon has reached a new milestone. A new sewer vacuum truck has been procured which will help take full advantage of the existing sewage treatment plant.

26 tonnes… A 12-cubic-metre tank, a 100-metre-long retractable hose… The sewer vacuum truck which has been delivered in Bangangté, Cameroon, is nothing less than a giant! An essential component in the sanitation improvement project supported by the Veolia Foundation for the past five years, it will help this municipality in the western part of the country to pass a milestone in terms of sewage management.
The instigator of this major sewage treatment and recycling project was the “Enfants du Ndé” association (Children of Ndé), which was already responsible for the construction of another sewage treatment plant, itself also completed with support from the Veolia Foundation. The goal is to create a public sanitation service matching the public water distribution service which was awarded the United Nations Public Service Award.