Follow the second session of the MOOC* entitled “The Causes and Challenges of Climate Change”

The Virtual University for the Environment & Sustainable Development (UVED) is now open for registrations for the second session of the MOOC* devoted to “The Causes and Challenges of Climate Change”. Now that its content has been updated and that teaching activities have been reviewed, the new version of this course (initiated in the autumn of 2015) takes a close look at the Paris Agreement which came into effect last November.

Understanding the background and what is at stake in current climate negotiations… such is the topic of the MOOC about “The Causes and Challenges of Climate Change”. Over an eight-week period, you will examine what the Paris Agreement (signed at the close of the COP21) says, what the international agreement (that came into effect last November) calls for, and more generally, what are the causes and challenges of climate change.
With support from the Veolia Foundation, this MOOC* dispenses a compilation of teaching content, delivered online in video format. This is further extended through activities that can also be performed remotely, like quizzes, debates or exercises to be assessed by peers. A forum provides a place for discussions with the community of learners. A certificate may be delivered, according to the student’s attendance at lectures and to his marks. Working time is estimated at two hours a week.
Did you attend the first session in the autumn of 2015? While this course does mostly rely on elements from the first session, it has a brand new introduction and the content has been re-examined and updated when required. This is certainly something to enrich any personal viewpoints about a burning issue!


*Massive Open Online Course.


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Registrations open until 03/07/2017.
Course begins 15/05/2017.
Course ends 09/07/2017.
Estimated working time: 2hours per week.