The "La voûte Nubienne" project rewarded at the entrepreneurs show

The IMPACT competition was created in order to structure and optimize socially oriented business plans.

It therefore rewards original initiatives of social entrepreneurs not only by a financial grant of €15.000, but also by an accompaniment over one year.

During its latest edition - organized at the entrepreneurs show in February 2008 - ten associations were selected, four of them currently supported by the Veolia Foundation: "1001 et une fontaines", "Champ des cimes", "La centrale de mobilité" and "La voûte nubienne".The latter, aided with a €64.000 grant from the Veolia Foundation, is one of the 3 winners of the 2008 contest.


Social and Employment | Burkina Faso | 2007/05/22
La Voûte nubienne
Development of a building program using the Nubian Vault technique.