More than 70,000 people supplied with potable water by Veoliaforce and its humanitarian partners

Following an initial assessment of needs conducted by the Veoliaforce experts who are part of the emergency response unit of the French Red Cross, water supply has been set up in two neighborhoods of the capital in Cité Militaire and Delmas, where about 37,000 people left homeless are gathered.

The team identified 24 distribution points where water is made available through water tanks supplied by water truck from boreholes.

Two Aquaforce 5000 mobile units have been deployed to supply the Haitian Ofatma hospital located in Cité militaire and the emergency basic health care centre of the German Red Cross.

The Veoliaforce volunteers deployed with the staff of Action Against Hunger, has installed an Aquaforce 5000 unit in the city on the secured site of the CAMEP, the local authority for Potable Water in Port au Prince. The Aquaforce 5000 unit is supplied with a clear source, which enables the station to produce up to 120m3 per day and allows the distribution of potable water by trucks in three nearby areas (Canape Vert, Bois Patate and Champ de Mars) reaching around 35,000 people.

On the Champ de Mars, where the largest group of displaced people of Port au Prince is gathered, volunteers are building latrines to overcome the problems of sanitation.

At the request of a third partner, the French NGO Solidarités, two tons of equipment (storage and distribution material) were shipped and sent to Haiti from the humanitarian Veoliaforce platform on Monday. Veoliaforce is now mobilizing new volunteers to prepare for the replacement of the teams on the ground in Haïti by a new team.



Key data about the Veolia Foundation support

  • 5 Aquaforce 5000 units
  • More than 30 tons of equipment
  • ​19 people helping in the warehouse where emergency equipment is stored
  • 19 volunteers deployed (5 more prospected)

Emergency Missions

How the Foundation responds to emergencies when a disaster strikes.