A new first aid training centre in Burkina Faso

A new first aid training centre is to open in Loumbila, a rural area close to the country’s capital city of Ouagadougou. The centre will open in 2017 and was set up by the Monaco and Burkina Faso Red Cross societies with the support of the Veolia Foundation.

The Veoliaforce network experts prove their worth in all four corners of the globe. This summer a volunteer travelled to Loumbila, near the capital Ouagadougou, to help get a training centre ready to open. The centre has been created by the Monaco and Burkina-Faso Red Cross societies and aims to become a flagship regional centre. The centre will offer first aid training courses and will also enable vulnerable people, who have received hotel and catering industry training, to be monitored. 

The Veolia Foundation was approached by the Monaco Red Cross and provided its expertise in the fields of water access, water treatment and managing the centre’s wastewater. The volunteer who travelled to Burkina Faso assessed the infrastructure needed to enable the centre to open at the end of 2017.

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