The Tara welcomes Libération on board

Libération journalists were hosted on board the Tara research sailing ship for a whole month to monitor the work performed by the expedition scientists who are examining the deteriorating coral reefs in the Pacific.

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The crew aboard the Tara was far from idle this summer. Sailing out of Mexico in early August, the schooner made a stopover at the French Clipperton Island, lost in the midst of the Pacific, prior to heading for the Coiba Archipelago, Panama. A little earlier, she welcomed on board a team of journalists from Libération who planned to produce a summer serial to be published in the newspaper all through the summer.
The articles describe the work performed by scientists as they collect their samples, the microorganisms that live in and around the coral reef being surveyed by the mission, tending to their preservation and then sending them to a host of partner laboratories worldwide. The column also describes the scuba diving operations, the changing rounds that pace the expedition schedule and the end-of-mission ambience appearing with the approaching autumn. The writings offer a new perspective on life aboard the schooner and may be enjoyed on the Libé website.

What about the next step?

What about the next step? It’s New York! Following one last crossing of the Panama Canal, the Tara will dock in New York on September 19th and have a stopover until the 24th. For this penultimate step in the Tara Pacific expedition, tours of the ship will be available to school groups and the general public. October 27th will mark the return to Lorient and the end of the Tara Pacific expedition.

Protecting coral reefs.