Tara's return to Lorient

In March 31th, the schooner Tara completed his expedition in Lorient after 900 days and more than 60 000 miles of ocean navigation around the world.

North Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, Suez Canal, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Austral Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Panama Canal, North Atlantic... Here are the oceans crossed by the research schooner to learn more about the impact of climate change on ecosystems.

This return is the opportunity to make a feedback with scientists in this adventure. Both Tara scientists and Veolia Environnement Foundation will provide samples and data to the scientific community thanks to this several years of expedition.


Environment and Biodiversity | France (Morbihan) | 2009/06/11
Tara Oceans
An unprecedented three-year scientific expedition on all the seas of the globe (understanding the spatial organisation of ecosystems and understanding their response to atmospheric viariations).