The three winners of the 2009 Student Solidarity Price

Evasion Roumanie aims to sustainably improve the living conditions of disadvantaged youths and families in Romania. It was distinguished for its project for aid to children and families in distress in Satu Mare (Northern Romania): holiday camp, hostel, rambling, etc. Evasion Roumanie works alongside several partners: the local association Stea (street youths) and Samtoul (sponsorship of deserving youths), the international social Samu and the National Federation of Firemen of France. Evasion Roumanie received 5.000 €.

Mission Quechua, created in 2001, is the runner-up of the Student Solidarity Prize. It provides financial and technical aid to the poor and isolated Andean communities of Peru. In partnership with Groupe Développement, an association of women of Chambarra (microfinance) and the NGO San Javier del Peru, Mission Quechua promotes a dual project: fight against soil impoverishment and desertification on an area of 50 hectares, and generating new income. It received a grant of 3.500 €.

Action pour le Bénin was in third place on the podium, earning a grant of 1.500 €. Since its launch in 2001, the association has promoted a wide range of educational projects to facilitate the local economic development of a region of Benin (school support, library). Alongside the local NGOs and associations, it has dubbed the project presented to the jury "education, why not me?". It consists in supporting six young teachers of Benin to pursue their advance studies and local projects in favor of education.

The other projects examined by the jury were supported by the associations Cheer up, Solidarité France-Népal, Mission Cambodge and Rethink.