The Veolia Foundation backs its first project in Bulgaria

At the selection committee of December 4, 2007, the Veolia Foundation decided to back its first project in Bulgaria through the initiative of the ADECAES association.

This association has founded a "training and cultural" center in Varna, the country's second biggest city.

Mainly intended for the most disadvantaged population and particularly for the gypsies, the centre has many objectives: training, workforce development, medico-social observation, as well as the setting up of initiatives for meetings and exchanges. In connection with vocational training for example, it is possible to learn a language, to take a management course or be initiated into information possessing.

A centre for services and counselling, this structure will ultimately help to end the process of exclusion and impoverishment now experienced by many gypsies, and will help them to integrate better in Bulgarian society.


Social and Employment | Bulgaria | 2007/12/04
Equipment of an adult education center for adult gypsies.