The Veolia Foundation is moving its humanitarian emergency equipment

Knowing how to respond to humanitarian emergencies means anticipating logistical issues. To strengthen its responsiveness in the event of a crisis, the Veolia Foundation has just installed its equipment stock alongside Croix-Rouge Insertion Logistique in Pantin. This was an opportunity for Veoliaforce volunteers mobilized during the move to demonstrate their commitment.

The humanitarian interventions carried out by the Veolia Foundation are based on precise logistics. Equipment (water treatment plants, storage tanks, analysis tools, pumps, pipes, etc.) is thus pre-positioned to be able to be transported quickly to the disaster site. Until now stored in Essonne, this equipment has just joined the Red Cross Logistics Integration platform in Pantin.

This merger extends the expertise already shared by these two humanitarian partners. The Veolia Foundation has been working with the French Red Cross for more than twenty years. Regularly renewed, the partnership agreement between these two actors makes it possible to give vulnerable populations back access to essential services in crisis situations.

The Foundation's Veoliaforce volunteers contribute to this ambition. Some of them participated in the move and all are likely to be solicited at any time. In the event of a scale-up in a crisis situation, all energies are useful to condition the equipment before it is made available to transporters to reach the disaster site. Commitment usually begins with time and availability.