The Veolia Foundation supports its first project in Slovakia

At the Selection Committee meeting on July 3, 2007, the Veolia Foundation decided to support a project in the town of Lomnicka, its first project in Slovakia.

With the aim of effectively combating problems of social exclusion among the Roma minority, the Foundation approved a 35,000 euro grant to help build an Institute of Minorities bringing together a variety of services: laundry, communal showers, orientation advice, homework club, allocation of bursaries, help with finding a job, leisure and cultural activities, etc. The Dalkia Foundation, created in Slovakia at end 2006, will be responsible for managing the funds granted by the Veolia Foundation, which will be spent primarily on providing The Institute of Minorities with connections to essential services (water, gas, electricity).


Social and Employment | Slovak Republic | 2007/07/03
Institut des minorités à Lomnicka
Comprehensive program (health, education, culture and crafts) to battle the exclusion of gypsies.