Veoliaforce joins forces for Haiti

More than 270,000 people supplied with potable water as at April 2.

Two and a half months after the earthquake in Haiti, the Veolia Foundation is still mobilized. The emergency missions are continuing but the teams are now trying to make their actions durable and are working on a progressive handover to the Haitian people.

Since the beginning of the disaster, more than 270,000 people have been supplied with potable water by Veoliaforce and its partners. The Foundation reacted immediately after the earthquake, deploying 9 volunteers and more than 30 tons of equipment to produce and supply potable water. The volunteers are still working with the emergency response unit of the French Red Cross, but with a long-term view, to make the projects durable.

A water network expert has been deployed to Port-au-Prince since the end of March. His mission is to make sure that the potable water supply functions across the capital. He also reassessed the 67 distribution points set up by the French Red Cross during the first emergency phase.

At the same time, the volunteers are carrying out in-depth projects in the Haitian capital and in the surrounding towns. At the beginning of March, two chemists were deployed to Port-au-Prince to support the local experts. Their mission was to reinforce the DINEPA team (National Department of Potable Water). Volunteers also took samples with mobile laboratories to test the water quality, and set up a supervision plan. Two other volunteers will take over from them to make sure that this substantial project continues.

Two water network experts have been deployed to Petit-Goâve, 68 km south of Port-au-Prince, to support the French Red Cross. They assessed damage to the network and proposed a master plan for rehabilitation to the authorities.

The « Haiti Earthquake » account opened by the Veolia Foundation to collect donations from employees and subsidiaries is still open. The Foundation thanks the donors who together managed to raise more than 60,000 euros. These contributions will be used exclusively for reconstruction projects supported by the Foundation, where Veoliaforce volunteers will be mobilized.


Key data about the Veolia Foundation support

  • 5 Aquaforce 5000 units
  • More than 30 tons of equipment
  • ​19 people helping in the warehouse where emergency equipment is stored
  • 19 volunteers deployed (5 more prospected)

Emergency Missions

How the Foundation responds to emergencies when a disaster strikes.