Water for Guinea

Drinking water infrastructure was inaugurated in the presence of the Foundation’s executive director in Kérouané in East Guinea. The projects are another practical manifestation of the cooperation agreement signed in 2014 with the country’s Ministry of Energy and Hydraulics.

Close to 15,000 local residents recently gained access to water in Komodou in Kérouané prefecture. A water supply system powered by a solar pump and a dozen standpipes were brought into service in this town located in South-East Guinea. In Sibiribaro, another sub-prefecture of Kérouané, standpipes have also been in use for a few weeks using the same pumping system.
The income generated covers the wages of the operator, equipment maintenance costs and the creation of a renewal fund.
This new infrastructure has been built with the Veolia Foundation’s support and provides easier access to quality water. It means one less chore for families and women in particular, who used to walk up to 5km to reach a water supply point. The water infrastructure also means that the local children can have better hygiene.
The inauguration of the infrastructure was attended by the Veolia Foundation’s executive director, Thierry Vandevelde, and several prominent local and national figures, including Bandia Doumbouya, the Minister of Energy and Hydraulics’ chief of staff, and Alpha Ibrahim Nabe, the CEO of SNAPE (National Water Supply Points Service).

This new phase is part of the cooperation agreement signed in 2014 by the Veolia Foundation with the Republic of Guinea’s Ministry of Energy and Hydraulics. Click here to find out more.