Sharing our values, sharing our flavors!

In order to assist the development of its Saveurs du Monde catering activity, the nonprofit Cannelle et Piment needs to acquire a refrigerated vehicle meeting the hygiene standards in force.

Social and Employment

Vaulx-en-Velin, France

Philippe Lagrange

€10 000 to the Selection Committee at 2013/04/09

Project leader

Cannelle et Piment

"I plan to give them a critical analysis of their growth strategy and also help them broadcast their project and guide them in their search for new markets."

Philippe Lagrange

In 1991, a group of immigrant women gathered around a passion: the exotic culinary arts, transmitted according to the traditions of their native countries. Their objective was to create outreach jobs in the neighborhood. After their beginnings in a social center, the group decided to form a nonprofit association and Cannelle et Piment was born. Very quickly, the organization had a clean room, then a kitchen (2001), developing a catering activity (equivalent of six full-time jobs) and proposes some thirty dishes. Having achieved financial self-sufficiency many years ago, it now has a loyal clientele of companies, local communities, associations and private individuals.

The ultimate creation of 6 new jobs

This is why Cannelle et Piment is investing in a new catering workshop. This facility, accommodated by the OPAC du Rhône, offers a larger kitchen space, meeting the requirements of the "hygiene and safety" approval, and will help double the scale of its operations, to ultimately create 6 new jobs, one or two of them in 2013. The furnishing of the premises of the new kitchen is nearing completion and the nonprofit is now purchasing the needed equipment and a refrigerated delivery vehicle.

Sharing our values, sharing our flavors!

The Veolia Foundation is participating in the acquisition of the delivery vehicle.