Social integration on the banks of the Gardon

To promote the natural and archaeological heritage of the Gardon gorges, while increasing public awareness of good environmental practices, the "Syndicat mixte du massif et des gorges du Gardon" is offering the socially excluded an opportunity to develop a number of communication tools.

Social and Employment

the Gardon gorges, Gard., France

René Vielzeuf, Veolia Eau

50,000 € to the Selection Committee at 2005/07/05

Project leader

Syndicat mixte du massif et des Gorges du Gardon

Renowned for the historic Pont-du-Gard, which straddles it to the south of Uzès, the delightful banks of the river Gardon are little known. And yet it flows from the Hautes Cévennes all the way down to the Rhône passing the foothills of the Massif Central and the Provencal garrigue, carving amazing gorges out of the limestone plateaus in the Cevenne. A source of pleasure for locals, tourists and sporty types, these gorges, where the water stays cools beneath the fierce sun, are perfect for canoeing and leisurely bathing.
In order to further enhance this local natural heritage site, and increase public awareness of the need to preserve a magnificent location, the "Syndicat mixte du massif et des gorges du Gardon", which has a remit to protect the environment, is entrusting the development of its communication tools to the long-term unemployed.

Valuable professional training

Whether on income support, unemployed and long-term job seekers with qualifications, or non-motor disabilities: the mixed twelve-strong team will begin working on several projects as of September 2005. They will be producing a presentation booklet on the "Syndicat des gorges du Gardon", three leaflets for the general public on the theme of water, natural and archaeological heritage, as well as an exhibition (presented for the first time during the environmental days to be held in the department).
In addition to the usual advantages of a "social integration" contract - return to the world of work, taking on new responsibilities, re-establishment of social contact - the project will enable the beneficiaries to gain genuine professional experience. Supervised by specialists in the different fields as well as a project manager, they will learn about techniques used in designing and producing printed documentation, manufacture of decors and presentations in schools (for the exhibition) as well as photography and video-making,
Alongside a number of partners, the Veolia foundation will support this initiative by means of 50,000 euros in funding to be used in purchasing equipment essential to the project.