Improving care for young people in difficulty in Marseille

Social & Employment

  • Location:
    Marseille (France)
  • Sponsor:
    Olivier Grunberg
  • Grants:
    35,000 € to the Selection Committee of 05/04/2005
    6,000 € to the Selection Committee of 27/01/2009
    5,000 € to the Selection Committee of 05/04/2011
    5,000 € to the Selection Committee of 19/12/2012
    5,500 € to the Selection Committee of 18/10/2023

Project Leader


The main advantage of this project is the multidisciplinary nature of the approach, which brings together all the players involved: doctors, psychologists, social workers, etc.
Olivier Grunberg

Information Marseille Accueil Jeunes Ecoute (Imaje) Santé is a drop-in center open to all young people aged 12 to 25 in Marseille. Health and psychosocial professionals are on hand to help and guide them in all aspects of their physical, psychological and social lives. Interviews with doctors, psychologists, social workers and nurses are free and confidential.

From the outset, in 1999, Imaje's ambition was to set up in the city center and provide walk-in services at the widest possible time slots. Over the months, Imaje Santé has also carried out preventive actions in certain places (schools, hostels, prisons, training organizations, etc.) and has entered into partnerships with numerous structures working with this public.

Renovation work to provide more and better care

In 2005, an initial grant from the Veolia Foundation helped finance the renovation and refurbishment work made necessary by the association's success. In 2009, Imaje Santé realized that its reception area was too small, even though more and more young people were coming for support. With the renewed support of the Veolia Foundation, Imaje Santé undertook to refurbish its reception area to make it more user-friendly, comfortable and reassuring.

Communication tools to raise awareness

In 2011, the association launched a prevention and health education campaign aimed at young people in Marseilles. The campaign features a range of awareness-raising and prevention tools, including brochures distributed to young people, a dedicated space on the association's website, and specific brochures on the WHO concept of health (psychological, physical and social well-being). The campaign is supported by the Veolia Foundation.

An educational worksite, a lever for involvement and financial support

The following year, with a view to finding every possible way of involving the young people it takes in, Imaje Santé embarked on an integration project. The aim? To rethink the layout of the premises, clean the walls, repaint them and, finally, choose with the team some of the furniture to be renewed. For the duration of this "educational worksite", the young people, supervised by educators, will be paid. They will also be invited to take part in a collective prevention, education and health promotion initiative, led by the association's social worker and psychologist. The project is supported by the Veolia Foundation.

In 2023, Imaje Santé was faced with the deterioration of its shop window, which had been obscured by illegal tags and graffiti. Now darkened, the place seemed unwelcoming, even closed; it no longer encouraged spontaneity, and the association noted that non-appointment attendance had dropped. To overcome this problem, the Veolia Foundation is supporting the refurbishment of the window and the installation of an anti-graffiti film coupled with an iron curtain which will be activated when the premises are closed.