Introducing primary school children to jobs in the environmental sector

The Fondation Entreprise-Réussite Scolaire has been working for years in the Rhône-Alpes region to establish links between education and the economic sector in order to raise awareness of trades and professions. The educational programs it designs now include the many environmental sector specialities.

Environment & Biodiversity

  • Location:
    Lyon (France)
  • Sponsor:
    Thierry Roques
  • Grant:
    € 5,000 during the Selection Committee meeting on 16 March 2020

Project owner

Fondation Entreprise-Réussite Scolaire (Fers)

The Fondation Entreprise-Réussite Scolaire (Fers) is a non-profit foundation that was created in 1990 by the city of Lyon and local companies with the focus on encouraging partnerships between schools and local players. The goal is to help children prepare for the future by giving them a better understanding of today's professions, activities and challenges. Over the last 30 years, Fers has been raising awareness among tens of thousands of pupils by means of entertaining educational tools that enable them to learn about potential careers from an early age.

In close partnership with the French National Education system, Fers works in primary schools with a view to pre-empting stereotypes and self-exclusion, fighting social determinism and promoting equal opportunities, alongside encouraging self-knowledge and raising pupils' aspirations.

With the support of the Veolia Foundation, in 2020 educational programs and information and games sessions will open up new horizons by exploring environment-related career opportunities.