A new path to employment in Ardèche

A TZCLD initiative in Le Teil (Ardèche)

Social & Employment

  • Location:
    Le Teil, Ardèche (France)
  • Sponsor:
    Clara Bercovici
  • Grant:
    €10,000 to the Board of Directors on May 17, 2021

Project Leader


Based in Le Teil, a town in the Ardèche region, ActiviTeil is one of the organizations heavily involved in the Territoires Zéro Chômeur de Longue Durée (TZCLD) scheme.

To put an end to long-term unemployment, public and private players have come together around the "Territoires zéro chômeur de longue durée (TZCLD)" scheme. After a test phase initiated in 2017 around a dozen territories, the program was extended by the legislature at the end of 2020.

In Le Teil, west of Montélimar, the ActiviTeil association was set up in 2021 to apply for the TZCLD scheme. The ambition is to hire its first 30 employees by spring 2022.

The planned activities will be fully rooted in the local area, in response to needs that the private sector is unable to meet due to a lack of players on the ground or unprofitable business models. They include organic market gardening, pallet and wooden furniture manufacturing, a "world cuisine" catering service, and a tarpaulin recycling workshop. Businesses and retailers will be offered home shopping delivery and bio-waste collection services. ActiviTeil also intends to run a recycling center, a bicycle repair workshop and a permaculture experiment. For local authorities, it will propose to beautify the commune of Le Teil through better road maintenance, cleanliness and mediation initiatives.

The cultural aspect has not been forgotten: in conjunction with local associations, ActiviTeil will offer local events.

ActiviTeil has been accredited as an Entreprise à but d'emploi by the TZCLD at the end of 2021.

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