"Reinserting, reusing, reemploying, recycling" in Seine-Saint-Denis

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    Thomas Hascoet

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    30 000 € to the Selection Committee on 29 March 2023

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Ares Services 93

A major player in the social economy, Ares is a thirty-year-old group. Since 1991, it has been working for the benefit of the most disadvantaged populations, with the firm belief that work is a vehicle for integration. It regularly works with companies to co-construct integration paths and innovate in the models it proposes.

Today, Ares supports over 3,000 people a year, including 1,300 employees, via 17 sites located mainly in the Paris region, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

In Seine-Saint-Denis, the Ares Services structure has been developing several activities since 2006, including construction and logistics. These two sectors, with their high labor requirements, are reputed to be accessible to people with few or no qualifications or language difficulties.

The latest development at Ares Services is the "R4" project (reinserting, reusing, reemploying, recycling), launched at the end of 2020, based on the circular economy. This project is an extension of the work already carried out on the company's historic furniture clearing and disposal activities. The association's aim is to offer the building and civil engineering sector circular and mutually supportive solutions that will provide new outlets for building and civil engineering materials and extend their lifespan.

To this end, Ares has developed furniture handling (inventory and recovery) for resale to recycling and reuse players; furniture transformation (sorting and dismantling to identify recycled materials); reuse of wood from reuse: careful removal (followed by reuse of the material), and flat glass recycling.

With the support of the Veolia Foundation, teams at Ares Services 93 are also developing certification courses so that employees involved in the R4 project who wish to pursue a career in the circular economy can upgrade their skills in specific activities.

Ares continues to work with companies to innovate socially for the direct benefit of the populations it serves.