Training young people in the favelas

Pro-Brejaru plans to provide vocational training for young people in the favelas (shanty towns) surrounding the city of Florianopolis by means of a specially equipped bus.

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Zagora, Morocco

Jean-Pierre Foulon

2000 € to the Selection Committee at 2006/07/04

Project leader

Association des parents et tuteurs d'élèves de l'école El Amal

«I have personally observed both the region's dynamism in the field of tourism and, on the other hand, the incredible difficulties experienced by young people in finding a first job. I really believe in this idea of equipping a bus to deliver training to young people in the favelas – for them, taking a bus to get around is already a luxury!»

Jean-Pierre Foulon

The Florianopolis region in Brazil is typical of conditions in this huge country: great economic dynamism side by side with genuine poverty. The favelas with their very poor inhabitants are not very far from the tourist installations that spring up in the summer. But the young people who live there have great difficulty finding a first job, largely because they cannot present the professional qualifications required. They are unable to attend the training institutions in the city center because they don't have the money to pay the fares. They spend their days desperately trying to earn enough money to stay alive.

Pizza chef or baker

Non-profit organization Pro-Brejaru, set up to combat exclusion, has devised an original way of solving this problem: since the young people have neither the time nor the money to attend a training course, the course will come to them!
Pro-Brejaru plans to set up a mobile training center in a bus that goes to the favelas. It has chosen to focus on bread-related activities to take advantage of the city's economic boom. The young people will learn how to make bread, pizza dough and pancakes and can then apply for a job in one of the city's numerous restaurants and eateries. The organization hopes to train 200 young people in two years.
To finance acquisition of a bus and fit it out as a mobile kitchen, Pro-Brejaru launched an appeal for sponsors. If the project delivers the expected results, it could be replicated in other regions in Brazil.