A unique place to bring generations together

Generations House is pursuing a great ambition, to have different generations living together and having old people and small children meet, for the greater good of those involved and also to meet several needs .

Environment and Biodiversity

Bitterfeld region in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Ramona Seidewitz

€5,000 to the Selection Committee at 2005/02/08
  Project leader Strohhut (chapeau de paille)

« I have known about this association for several years. The new project is based on experience gained during the two prior years as well as continued financing provided by the state. This initiative is worth a helping hand to make sure the first investments towards the completion of the project are made. »

Ramona Seidewitz

The German Strohhut (Straw Hat) Association, established in 1999, takes cultural, teaching and social initiatives for the family.
Amongst its newest projects, it seeks to bring together in one place a crèche for children and a care centre for seniors. The purpose of this original idea is to meet the real needs of the population: organise supervision of small children with schedules adapted to the work timetables of parents and improve the medical care of elderly people, all the while creating social connections. The two activities will thus be housed in the same building to encourage contact between generations, something families are asking for more and more. The crèche will be able to accommodate 14 children and the care centre will accommodate 25 elderly people. The two organisations will make it possible to hire four new part time staff.

An innovative project for a whole region

The crèche will soon be able to accommodate 14 children.

The crèche will stay open until 8.30 in the evening and will be the one and only of its kind in the Bitterfeld region. All together, the project may serve as an example in a region that, according to a national report published in January 2005, suffers from a lack of facilities of this type and is not especially attractive to newcomers.
At present, the two activities are separate and receive regular financial assistance from the state of Saxony-Anhalt. The investment budget to complete Generations House is around €20,000. That includes the renovation of new premises as well as their fittings and equipment. The Veolia foundation will participate in this via a grant of €5,000 that will be used to fit out two important meeting places for young and old: the reception area and the garden.