Water protection: an international competition for juniors

The Stockholm Water Prize is a world reference in the area of water sciences and techniques. In its wake, the Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) aims to single out initiatives by young people each year.

Improve water quality, ensure its proper use through improved management,
protect water resources and treat wastewater: the Stockholm Junior Water
Prize (SJWP) has been established as the direct descendant of its elder,
the Stockholm Water Prize, to reward concrete actions taken by young
people in the area of water conservation. Established in 1994, this award
is now held in some thirty countries worldwide. Countries as varied as
Japan and Cameroon submit candidates.
Since 2004, the French selection has been handled by the FEEE (French
Foundation for Environment Education in Europe). In France, the competition
is open to juniors aged between 12 and 21. They must submit a written
and illustrated proposal setting out concrete actions. Once they have
met this condition, individual or group submissions, and school or extra-curricular
projects are accepted. The French panel is made up of specialists from
the water, environmental protection and research sectors. For example,
it includes, the International Office for Water, the magazine Hydroplus,
and Ademe (French Agency for Environment and Energy Management). The
aim of this competition to get industry to work with institutionals and
the education sector on an educational project.

Create synergy for water issues

The ultimate aim of the international
competition, the Stockholm Junior Water Prize is awarded each year in
August by Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. However,
before getting the French candidates through to this final stage, the
FEEE organizing body must call for project submissions, collect and process
submissions and also provide the prize money for the French awards (3
x 1,000 euros). It is also responsible for organizing regional events
and travel to Sweden for the winners and their accompanying adults. In
all, the forecast budget is 70,000 euros. The Veolia Foundation
has committed to providing 10,000 euros for 2006. The 2006 French selection
has been open since September 15, last.