When associations and small businesses accompany the younger generation

The rules of sports have many points in common with those governing the conduct of everyday life. Starting with these premice, a Le Havre association uses sports to promote the social and professional integration of youths from a difficult neighborhood. The project is built around a network of partner businesses.

Social and Employment

Le Havre, France

Sylvain Picard

23 500 € to the Selection Committee at 2007/05/22

Project leader


"Émergence is recognized today in Le Havre as a genuine player for social bonding and integration. The association has forged relations with a fair number of employees in the urban area. Our company, CTPO-Bus Océane, is already an active partner in this project. Many supervisors and foremen conduct mock job interviews and advise the trainees during their training. Besides, 19 youths from Émergence currently have a contract in our business!"

Sylvain Picard

In Le Havre, the Mont-Gaillard neighborhood is said to be "sensitive". To help its inhabitants, the omnisports club Émergence has decided to initiate the youths in citizenship, self-esteem and respect for others by drawing parallels between the rules of sports and those of daily life. Since 2000, when it was founded, this association emphasizes concepts of tolerance and respect. Ethnic mixing is a basic principle.

In addition to this experiment, Émergence has woven a solid network of partner businesses. The association has created a training program specifically aimed at the 16-28 year age bracket of jobseekers. This module, called "On your marks for a job" is aimed to pool the efforts of organizations as varied as the ANPE state employment agency, the local Mission, social work associations and businesses. Training is constructed around the acquisition of communication tools and techniques appropriate for facilitating social and professional integration. For two weeks, workshops led by the various partners succeed each other . On the program: drafting a Resume (CV) and introductory letter, oral and bodily expression, image enhancement and preparation for a job interview with a professional.

Three-fourths of the trainees land a job

The association accompanies the youths from theoretical training up to employment in a business, including coaching. After an experimental session in 2005, the quality of this training in jobseeking culminated in 2006 with 58 trainees hired out of 81 participants.

To make the system even more effective, Émergence now wants to acquire transportation facilities to convey the youths to their potential workplaces. In most cases, the trainees have neither driving licenses nor private vehicles. The Veolia Foundation encourages the association in its action by helping it acquire a first vehicle.



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Spreading the "Emergence Le Havre" solution, an effective approach to integration

Domain : Social and Employment
Country : France
Grant : 2012/06/18

Spreading the "Emergence Le Havre" solution, an effective approach to integration