Access to Water for All in the Rural Communes

In the center of Burkina Faso, the Groupement des Retraités Éducateurs Sans Frontières (Gref) - a Toulouse delegation - is conducting projects for access to water in the rural communes.

Humanitarian and Development

Project leader


Provinces of Bazega, Gnagna and Sanmentenga, Burkina Faso

Marie-Laure Dormières

30 000 € to the Selection Committee at 2007/07/03

"This project adopts the techniques adapted to the poorest countries, in water pumping, storage and distribution. I'm proud of sponsoring such a project, and never have any doubts about the seriousness and implication of its backers."
Marie-Laure Dormières

The Toulouse delegation of the GREF (Groupement des Retraités Educateurs Sans Frontières), which is active in the three central provinces of Bazega, Gnagna and Sanmentenga, has been developing a water access program for many years. Commune after commune, it finances and supervises the installation of hydraulic facilities.

To continue this action, the GREF has called on sponsors like the Veolia foundation and the Syndicat de communes de la vallée de l'Hers, as well as water experts.

Thus, thanks to the funds raised and the professionals of the Adour-Garonne Water Board, the GREF drilled new boreholes, supplemented by hand pumps, that guarantee continuous water supply. To do this, its very active retirees spend about four months per year on the spot: the various water access operations demand extremely serious supervision for the comfort of the population.