The battle against cataract and blindness

To battle cataract, an eye disease which leads to blindness, Adefram is undertaking major campaigns for free operations destined for the most disadvantaged persons.

Social and Employment

Rabat suburbs, Morocco

Driss El Ouazzani

6 000 € to the Selection Committee at 2007/05/22

Project leader


"I consider the "cataract operation campaign" project to be a genuine humanitarian and social action because it restores hope to hundreds of handicapped and poor persons from the neighborhoods of Rabat, Salé and Témara. This campaign will enable the guides and families of these blind persons to resume their normal life, and in particular, it will help the children occupied with these sick persons to return to school."

Driss El Ouazzani

Cataract is a disease affecting the crystalline lens of the eye, which gradually becomes opaque. In the beginning, eyesight is seriously affected. After some time, the eye no longer functions at all, and the victim finally loses his eyesight. This disease, with its dramatic consequences, striking nursing infants as well as elderly persons, can nevertheless be easily treated: it "suffices" to remove the crystalline lens and replace it with external lenses or with implants.

In Morocco, due to the very large number of sand particles suspended in the air, it is estimated that about 700 000 persons develop blindness due to cataract at some time in their lives. In the month of June 2007, Adefram (Association pour le développement des échanges franco-marocains) conducted its seventh campaign of operations on cataract.

1500 persons already successfully operated

From June 25 to 29, it plans to have operations conducted on 200 disadvantaged persons from the Rabat-Salé suburbs. This campaign has already been announced orally and in print, and the persons wishing to have the operation simply need to go to Moulay-Youssef Hospital in Rabat to obtain the graft enabling them to recover their sight. This large scale medical initiative is possible thanks to the collaboration of many partners: the Moroccan Ministry of Health, the French Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Order of the Knights of Malta, etc.

During previous campaigns, 1500 persons had already benefited from these operations, essential for their lives and their kin. To continue this project, the Veolia Foundation is financing the purchase of 200 disposable surgical kits. This will ensure that the new operations will be performed in the best possible conditions.