"Aquaclara, making your mouth water", a multimedia tool dedicated to drinking water

To respond to the generalization of education in sustainable development in school programs, the Centre Permanent d'Initiatives pour l'Environnement of the Autunois‑Morvan area (CPIE) wants to develop an educational videogame dedicated to drinking water.

Environment and Biodiversity

Burgundy, France

Pascale Ceccaldi

20 000 € to the Selection Committee at 2009/03/31

Project leader

CPIE du Pays de l'Autunois-Morvan

« For over 10 years, we have regularly called on the CPIE of the Autun area to organize field trips to the Autun wastewater treatment station. They have genuine expertise in education and succeed in reformulating the complicated technical processes in ways that make them simple and understandable for the children. Concerning the Aquaclara project, it has many advantages, particularly with the Vigipirate security plan, a majority of the "drinking water" sites are closed to the public. This raised a problem for us concerning education on the topic, as requests have kept building up, because the program is aimed at children in the 8-11 age bracket.
The project thus represents an opportunity to provide the link with the schoolchildren. »

Pascale Ceccaldi

The nonprofit association Espace d'Éducation à l'Environnement received the CPIE label in 1996. The team of the Education Department has developed various projects in the field of educational engineering. One of these projects is "Epuratus", involving a field trip to a water treatment plant to enable the children, in the form of a game, to understand and learn about the problems of water purification.

The Veolia foundation supported this project in 2005.
Today, faced with the success of Epuratus, the nonprofit wants to repeat the experiment and create an educational tool dedicated to the production and supply of drinking water : "Aquaclara, making your mouth water".

Proposing a playful and educational approach

This concerns an educational videogame in the form of a multimedia tool, which will be available both on CD-ROM for the schools of the Bourgogne region and will be put online on the CPIE site.
The nonprofit considers this game as a continuing adventure through the various steps corresponding to several themes such as: tapping water, producing drinking water, distributing drinking water, consuming and preserving drinking water, the domestic water cycle.
For each of the steps, the character of Aquaclara will receive aid, and for each topic addressed, datasheets will be provided to the teacher. This organization will also help meet the various time limitations potentially facing the teachers and children at home.

The Veolia foundation has granted its support to this initiative, which is clearly seen as an indispensable complement to the "Epuratus" project.
A way to cover the entire drinking water production-distribution-consumption cycle, and to build a bridge with the treatment system developed in the "Epuratus" project.