Backing La Boudeuse to sail off and discover the water people

The association École de l'Aventure, which owns the three-master La Boudeuse, has over the years built up an educational program around the topic of the "water people". For periods of varying length, it takes young seamen aboard for a voyage around the world.

Environment and Biodiversity

Bastia (home port), France

Frédéric Plumas

40,000 € to the Selection Committee at 2008/07/01

Project leader

École de l'Aventure

« Patrice Franceschi and his crew incarnate the adventurous spirit that combines courage, innovation and pugnacity. A voyage on board La Boudeuse is an unforgettable and enriching experience. A school of life as well as sharing and exchange.
The forthcoming expeditions will provide a formidable education on the water people, on the need to protect the marine and river environments, and on the importance of biodiversity for mankind and for the planet.
The SNCM volunteers will accordingly become ambassadors carrying these values to our core professions. »

Frédéric Plumas

La Boueuse, a 46 meter three-master built in 1916, wants to refurbish its internal facilities and enhance its self-sufficiency for future expeditions.
Over the years, La Boudeuse has gradually built up a program ofglobe circling expeditions. Alongside this central program, "La Boudeuse" takes young folks aged 18 to 25 on board as part of a youth program under the auspices of UNESCO.
On the way, the youths will have the opportunity to discover other cultures, while enjoying a rich sailing experience.

An unprecedented opportunity

To finance these improvements and boost its self-sufficiency, École de l'Aventure has applied to the Veolia foundation. It needs to recondition its reverse osmosis drinking water production installations.

In exchange for carrying out these operations, the association and the ship's captain, Patrice Franceschi, have agreed to welcome young seamen from SNCM (Veolia Transport) on board to improve their training in seamanship and help them discover other cultures, respect for the marine environment, and its biodiversity.
An educational project that also helps to discover the "water people": human communities which derive virtually all their wealth and sustenance from the sea.